Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Porcupine taste like Bleh.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


If you don't understand what the heck I'm talking about, here you go. I live in a pack called Element. Each wolf cub born in the pack is blessed by the wolf gods with the power to control an element. Except me. For some reason I have the power to control all the elements. I'm not very good with, controlling them, I still need to practice. My strongest element is Fire. It shows in my fur and my attitude. If you have any more questions comment and I'll answer them. Just for the record, I have no idea how I, a wolf, can type. So don't ask.I stole a laptop though, its pretty cool.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

the bear

Oh here's the bear....
Just if you are thinking "How could this little teddy do anything bad?" Well your right the bear apologized about that, and licked Waterspouts face, wierdo.

Its the ciiirrrcle oofff liiiiiiife...... aaagaaaiiiin.......

Waterspout........ is doing fine. Although I say being carried off by a bear can really scare many people......wolves. So after we rescued him, Fireblast and I, I swear, Waterspout looked at us like we sprouted rabbit ears. I wouldn't put it past some other wolves, and, well, myself, but Fireblast doesn't sprout ears. Okay back to Waterboy here. He got a few minor cuts and slashes, but anyways hes fine. Seriously, some wolves who have mastered the natural element, can shape shift, like, into anything. This one wolf shapeshifted into a Eagle once, Swooped down and almost carried off someone just for the kicks, and boy did Wyndbain gnaw his tail off for that one. Maybe I'll be able to master the Natural element someday. Then I'll shift into a bear and carry old Wyndbain off. That'd be cool.

- Firenze

Its the ciiirrrcle oofff liiiiiiife......

Okay, raise yer hand....... er...... paw, if you like my song. Anyone? Anyone? Okay I'll tell you what I'm singing for, because I promise you, I never do. Well, -sobs- One of my pack mates, this little wolf who's element is water, got carried off by a bear today. And just to let you know, water doesn't hurt a 600 pound bear. Just FYI. - walks off bawling like a baby- Ohh yeah his name was Waterspout.

- The intensely sad Firenze

Monday, October 20, 2008

I feel lonely...

Anyone want to follow my blog?


This is Fireblast and his girlfriend! Don't tell him I posted this.

Earth........to be specific, Earthworm

Yeah, this is Earthworm, forever the funniest wolf, and my best friend.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Ever heard the saying, Water will quench Fire? Its so freakin' true! I was getting a drink of water, I had fire on my mane, just to show off, and my friend Waterwind, pushed me in. SIZZLE, SIZZLE, I freakin swear, I totally felt like I was dying. Wierd though when I keep the fire in my paws and my body, and can swim like a fish.



I can burn yer' face off. It would feel awful, but it would be an improvement, considering the look you have. Okay just kidding. I'm just really mad, I almost chewed my best friend, FallenLeaves, tail off. The pack leader, Wyndbain, is making me so furious, if it wasn't for my pack mate, Waterwind, the whole forest would be burned down. Just need to control the fire in me. :3