Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Reddeath........

(Blackspark) "Firenze? Whats that wolf doing? He looks like has the plague or something." Firenze tilted his head and scratched a line in the dirt. "So we go this way, and then..........?" Firenze looked closer at the wolf a clearing across from us. It was twitching on the ground, its eyes rolled back in its head and its legs flailing. "Woah!" Firenze was looking down at the Wolf, who was gasping for air. The wolf gave a jerk, then lay still. He had a red slash on across its eye. Firenze looked like he had swallowed a frog. "Eeewwww...........................gross." Firenze watched me in disgust as I grabbed a stick between my teeth and sat down next to the wolf. Then I poked the wolf with the stick. He twitched, then jerked looking up. "Wha--?" I dropped the stick as the wolf looked up at me with empty eyes, his mouth foaming. "Heeelp meeee. Heeeeelp meeeee." Firenze leapt up and raced to the other side of the clearing. I walked off too, following him, the air around me sparking. I turned around suddenly and there was a German Sheperd looking wolf. His eyes were blood red and he had a crooked grin on his face. He trotted up to me and sat down. "See my little show, Sparky?" He was wearing a bandana around his neck, that looked like it was full of things. He pulled a live squirrel out of it and held it gingerly in his teeth. "Watch this," He muttered and ran a claw down the squirrel's body. The squirrel twitched and died, then rose up again. Leaping out of his hand and walking off. "My names Reddeath. Whats yers?" I flicked my ears. "Blackspark. Are you going to kill me?" Reddeath grinned. "Kill you? You're the only one who hasn't run away screaming from me yet, so I think I like you. Wanna be my friend?" I nodded.

-BLACKSPARK, not touchy or you'll fry

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


We met this lone wolf called Reddeath. He looks like a normal wolf but can control this virus called "reddeath".


okay.... i know where to go. I'm headed there now. Sharp Wood ofrest, here we come!


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Never tell anyone about this

Okay, in the first place, where is Sharp wood forest? I’m totally lost, Blackspark wanted to get a map, for heaven’s sake! On the other hand, I asked a wolf, a hawk and a grizzly bear for directions and the said go take a hike. Except for the bear, he tried to eat me. So maybe I will use a map.

-Firenze, feel the flames