Friday, August 7, 2009


This is Firenze, from the land of the lost! Well, not really. I am soooo happy! Finally, a pack where i fit in. I'm the alpha, and take a flying guess who's the beta. Well, my pack now consists of Longstride, Windkeeper, Rocky, (The element of earth), Demonscreech,( She can control the powers of shadow, blending in with them and transporting from shadow to shadow. ) Reddeath and Blackspark. Blackspark seems to have taken a liking to Longstride, and, well, Reddeath is still Reddeath.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

I think I'll start my own pack.........

I've decided, and I'm going to find my own pack. Reddeath, Blackspark, and I already found two more wolves wandering about. There names are Longstride and Windkeeper. One can run, REALLY fast, and the other can control the element wind. With there help I will start my own pack.

Thanks to Nkari for helping me.................... I shall make you visit thier blog. Visit it!

-Firenze, feel the flames

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Reddeath........

(Blackspark) "Firenze? Whats that wolf doing? He looks like has the plague or something." Firenze tilted his head and scratched a line in the dirt. "So we go this way, and then..........?" Firenze looked closer at the wolf a clearing across from us. It was twitching on the ground, its eyes rolled back in its head and its legs flailing. "Woah!" Firenze was looking down at the Wolf, who was gasping for air. The wolf gave a jerk, then lay still. He had a red slash on across its eye. Firenze looked like he had swallowed a frog. "Eeewwww...........................gross." Firenze watched me in disgust as I grabbed a stick between my teeth and sat down next to the wolf. Then I poked the wolf with the stick. He twitched, then jerked looking up. "Wha--?" I dropped the stick as the wolf looked up at me with empty eyes, his mouth foaming. "Heeelp meeee. Heeeeelp meeeee." Firenze leapt up and raced to the other side of the clearing. I walked off too, following him, the air around me sparking. I turned around suddenly and there was a German Sheperd looking wolf. His eyes were blood red and he had a crooked grin on his face. He trotted up to me and sat down. "See my little show, Sparky?" He was wearing a bandana around his neck, that looked like it was full of things. He pulled a live squirrel out of it and held it gingerly in his teeth. "Watch this," He muttered and ran a claw down the squirrel's body. The squirrel twitched and died, then rose up again. Leaping out of his hand and walking off. "My names Reddeath. Whats yers?" I flicked my ears. "Blackspark. Are you going to kill me?" Reddeath grinned. "Kill you? You're the only one who hasn't run away screaming from me yet, so I think I like you. Wanna be my friend?" I nodded.

-BLACKSPARK, not touchy or you'll fry

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


We met this lone wolf called Reddeath. He looks like a normal wolf but can control this virus called "reddeath".


okay.... i know where to go. I'm headed there now. Sharp Wood ofrest, here we come!


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Never tell anyone about this

Okay, in the first place, where is Sharp wood forest? I’m totally lost, Blackspark wanted to get a map, for heaven’s sake! On the other hand, I asked a wolf, a hawk and a grizzly bear for directions and the said go take a hike. Except for the bear, he tried to eat me. So maybe I will use a map.

-Firenze, feel the flames

Saturday, November 29, 2008

The battle

(Firenze) I awoke from Shadowwalker’s powers to find two bodies lying before me. I examined them closely to find Whitewynd and Fireblast dead. They had been killed by a lightning strike, Thunderbark to be exact. “No!!!” I snarled leaping up and racing over to Stormlock’s den. My first official day as beta and two pack members, and best friends, were gone. They were my personal friends, the one’s I always turned to for help. They were gone now, becoming the earth, prey, wind, water. This was personal. I got to Stormlock’s den and he wasn’t there. Hastily I dashed through the forest following his scent. I got to a clearing and saw Stormlock and Blackspark, fighting against Silenthowl, Thunderbark and Earthworm. Shadowwalker was already lying dead at the edge of the forest. I could feel fury raging through me, like an adrenaline rush, but stronger, almost controlling my entire being. “Thunderbark!!” I screeched, fire enveloping my paws and trailing up to my body. I crashed into the startled yellow and black wolf, knocking him off his paws and sending him flailing into Earthworm and Silenthowl. Thunderbark wailed in pain as fire burned him. Stormlock took his chance and leapt on Silenthowl, followed by Blackspark, who grappled with Earthworm. The fury was overwhelming me, kill Thunderbark! It said. A got a grip on Thunderbark with my teeth and rattled him back and forth. Then I did something that I regretted. While under the control of the fury, I snapped his spine, using my teeth. Thunderbark suddenly looked small, like the day we found him huddled up under a tree. “Firenze? You killed me?” Then suddenly he was lying limp in my mouth. I dropped him, feeling extremely disgusted by myself. Then Earthworm howled. His howl rattled the earth, creating a huge fissure in the clearing. A small sound ripped into my being. “Firenze,” Stormlock whispered. Silenthowl was standing a few feet away, a smug smile on his face. Stormlock’s back legs were broken. I lunged after him just as he was sliding into the fissure. Urgently I gripped his scruff ready to drag him out. “No, Firenze.”His eyes pleaded with me. “Let me die. I will be no use for you crippled like this. Let me go. Please, I will be with Wyndbain.” I tilted my head. “Really you want to die?” “Yes,” he answered. “Will, you tell Wyndbain that I was sorry? Tell him I miss him?” Then I let go of my Alpha and saw him fall into the earth below. I twisted around and grabbed Silenthowl, flinging her into the fissure. Then I raced over to Blackspark who was standing over Earthworm. “I’m sorry, he is dead.” I walked away from the battle, with Blackspark. We walked away from everything, running ourselves for a long time, until we collapsed on the ground, three days later.

Deaths- Stormlock Whitewynd Fireblast Earthworm Shadowwalker Silenthowl Thunderbark