Friday, August 7, 2009


This is Firenze, from the land of the lost! Well, not really. I am soooo happy! Finally, a pack where i fit in. I'm the alpha, and take a flying guess who's the beta. Well, my pack now consists of Longstride, Windkeeper, Rocky, (The element of earth), Demonscreech,( She can control the powers of shadow, blending in with them and transporting from shadow to shadow. ) Reddeath and Blackspark. Blackspark seems to have taken a liking to Longstride, and, well, Reddeath is still Reddeath.


Robert Varulfur said...

Wow, I'm shocked. I thought this blog had been abandoned!

Riley said...

So did I!

I haven't posted in forever, Mr. Varulfur.

Too busy keeping the pack up.

Reminds me, I need to update it.