Sunday, December 14, 2008

Never tell anyone about this

Okay, in the first place, where is Sharp wood forest? I’m totally lost, Blackspark wanted to get a map, for heaven’s sake! On the other hand, I asked a wolf, a hawk and a grizzly bear for directions and the said go take a hike. Except for the bear, he tried to eat me. So maybe I will use a map.

-Firenze, feel the flames


shadowolf said...

I have no idea where Sharp Wood forest is, Firenze...where would you get a map in the middle of nowhere, tho?


The Nkari Clan said...

Sharp wood Forest is in the USA, MN. It's a very secret place, concealed to the humans. So we can have our battles, meetings, and peace, in peace.

I hope that helped out a bit